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Quickly and seamlessly connect multiple business sites.

Radius Connect

Radius Connect securely transmits data across multiple sites at up to 10Gbps. With scalable bandwidth, we deliver the exact speed you need. It is also flexible and interoperable with almost all modern networks and applications.

Point to Point Connectivity



Dedicated data connection between 2 sites using layer-2 technology.

Ethernet over SDH (EoS)

Ethernet over SDH (EoS)

Flexible data connection that allows Ethernet traffic to be carried over the traditional SDH network.

Multi-Point Connectivity



Point-to-multipoint data connection used to transmit and receive data from one location (head office) to multiple locations (branches).



Fully-meshed, any-to-any data connection using layer-2 technology.

IP-VPN (Internet Protocol - Virtual Private Network

IP-VPN (Internet Protocol - Virtual Private Network

Fully-meshed, private network using layer-3 (IP-based) technology connecting multiple locations.

Radius Connect

Radius Wave is a secured data connection using WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing) technology by combining multiple optical signals into a single fiber optic cable, ideal for high bandwidth requirements, real-time backup, and disaster recovery.

Radius Plus

Our additional features extend and enhance the power of your DATA solutions to address your unique business needs.

  • Redundancy


    Secondary fiber link that activates when your primary link fails, ensuring virtually zero downtime and uninterrupted operations.

  • On Demand

    On Demand

    Scheduled burst of bandwidth to supplement your varying Data or Internet connection requirements.

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